Social Smoke Baja Blue 250g

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Sercan Dogan
great flavor

it is one of the best blueberry flavor. I believe it is better than starbuzz bluemist. Social smoke is a good brand.

Social Smoke Baja Blue

Taste, perhaps, will be difficult to explain. I would say the taste of candied fruit, blueberries, and a little raspberry. The taste is very interesting, sweet enough and lasts a long time throughout the entire time of smoking, leaving a light pleasant chill on the exhale. Social Smoke Baja Blue is the answer to the popular Starbuzz Blue Mist, which has long been one of the most popular tobaccos on the market, and I want to say this is a decent answer!

The taste is very different and complex. When I tried Baja Blue - the notes of mint were weak, the taste was bright and rich without a sense of chemistry, or something unnatural, but definitely the taste is sweet.

If you like blueberries, raspberries, Starbuzz Blue Mist, be sure of Social Smoke Baja Blue.

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