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By Drew D - February 7, 2022, 12:53 AM EST

It can be hard to know what makes a good water pipe. So how do you pick the best hookah in 2022? You need The Hookah Lab's help! We have all the info on finding quality pipes, plus we sell them so that even beginners will find success from day one with their first modern-style hookah purchase.

SKIP AHEAD Best Hookahs

How could anyone ever choose from different types of material used or size considerations (small hookahs vs. tall traditional styles)? Well, luckily, The Hookah Lab has got this covered! 

The hookah market is booming, and there's a lot of variation out in the marketplace. So we sorted through many different hookah pipes to find our favorites and compiled them into an exclusive list of best hookahs for you! Hookahs are not just about size; we considered cloud output, ease of draw, portability (size), durability (the materials they're made from), assembly/disassembly time before/after smoking session, and how universal they work with other accessories or simple cleanup tasks.

Best Hookahs  - our top picks:

  • Best Hookah OverallConceptic Design Carbon ($214)
  • Best Modern HookahMoze Breeze 2($199)
  • Best Portable Hookah: Y.K.A.P. Mini Str($183)
  • Best Affordable Hookah Set: Icon Stick ($69)
  • Best 4 Hose hookah: A.T.H. Chanerwa($255)
  • Best Full-Sized Hookah: Japona Hookah Lotus($324)

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Best Hookah Overall

Conceptic Design Carbon

Conceptic Design is a hookah brand based in Russia. Their products are reliable, light, and stylish, with steel and carbon fiber accents that give a high-end feel while still retaining the traditional qualities. This 27-inch tall hookah comes equipped with a steel ashtray painted with temperature-resistant black paint, silicone hose, glass base, diffuser, and hose handle decorated with carbon fiber. 

Best Affordable Hookah Set

Icon Stick

The Stick is an affordable small hookah with extensive features. Its size makes it ideal for traveling, and it easily fits in luggage without taking up too much space (only 43 cm high). The most exciting part about this stainless steel pipe is that it comes complete with everything you need - a silicone hose, hookah bowl, detachable diffuser, tongs, and coal holder!
Featuring a stem, tray, and mouthpiece made of AISI304 stainless steel with a polyacetal valve and diffuser.  We believe Icon Stick is the best hookah set available on the market today. 

Best Modern Hookah

Moze Breeze 2

Moze Breeze Two is an improved version of the already incredibly innovative shisha pipe from German brand Moze, whose precision in every detail is impressive. This compact 39 cm tall hookah is made of steel and polyacetal parts decorated with a colored resin sleeve and comes complete with a matching hose handle that makes it look amazing. 

Best Portable Hookah

Y.K.A.P. Mini STR

The Y.K.A.P. Mini STR is a portable hookah that comes with an awesome storage bag, making it easy for you to store and transport this versatile device. The hose attaches safely and easily to the stem thanks to its O-ring connector, so cleaning or changing hoses out in a pinch will be no problem at all. With durable stainless steel construction, the hookah can last for years. The decoration of the stem is made of epoxy resin that comes in seven color options. 

Drop element here!

Best 4 Hose hookah

Adalya A.T.H. Chanerwa

A.T.H. Hookahs are designed and produced by Adalya, the well-known Turkish shisha maker. The A.T.H. L-Steel Charnewa pipe is an amazing hookah with 4 hose ports for smoking up to four people at a time. It has an elegant look that's modern but simple - perfect and reliable for any setting, from your private space to a chick hookah lounge.  A.T.H. bases are screw-on bases that come in various colors, but they all have one thing in common: quality! The vases themselves are made from crystal glass by Pasabahce - an old company with years of experience working to create the perfect crystal glass pieces. 

Best Full-Sized Hookah

Japona Hookah Lotus

The Japona Hookah Lotus is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind large hookah pipe. The design is inspired by Japanese culture and will be sure to catch any eye that sees it. 
The Japona Hookah Lotus is equipped with a continuous stainless steel tube on the inside.
Along with its stylish exterior design consisting of expensive woods in multiple color schemes - this hookah will surely impress your friends.
The ashtray of the Japona Lotus can be broken down into two parts. The lower part is made of precious wood and has a diameter of 7 inches. Above it, you'll find an aluminum plate, and a steel protective disc on top of the whole structure used to tap the coals off on it. 
The glass vase comes in 3 different colors and has an aluminum part on the neck. In addition, you'll receive an aluminum hose handle decorated with wood that matches the color of the stem. This 25-inch tall Japanese-inspired model will be a perfect choice!

What to look for in a Hookah?


One of the most overlooked factors when purchasing a hookah is height. Traditionally, they have come in three sizes:

  • Large (full-size hookahs that make an excellent centerpiece for larger groups to sit around them).
  • Tabletop (capable of fitting on a small table, nightstand, and desk while still being convenient with their heat manageable without having to stand up all the time).
  • Portable (smalls pipes which are best used outdoors or by those who want to be able to bring their favorite device with them wherever they go).

From a smoking experience perspective, it doesn't matter how tall you get one because the robust flavor can still be derived from smaller pipes without any problem at all. Every smoker's needs will vary depending on what kind of setup he wants.


Next, we're going to talk about the materials that modern hookahs are typically constructed from. The majority of today's style hookah pipes are made with stainless steel construction for their durability and easy clean-ability! Stainless steel is a solid choice because you'll know your pipe will last many years in this world - like all worlds, quality matters. All our products were chosen based on this belief: high-quality material equals longevity and peace of mind when it comes to your hookah purchase.


Modern hookahs tend to have a wide open draw. This makes for an effortless pull, meaning you'll be able to create larger clouds of smoke with ease! The downside is that this means less flavor will come through your mouth. However, don't worry- there are ways around it too! One benefit of having a wide-open draw is the ability to restrict its airflow by using certain hookah accessories such as hoses and bowls), adjusting the water level, or changing the shisha packing method.  


A hookah diffuser creates many smaller bubbles instead of much fewer larger bubbles in the water. This will make the draw more smooth and quieter if you don't like that noisy rumble (Though some people like their hookahs louder than others do). A proper hookah diffuser does not restrict airflow while also giving you benefits such as smoother smoke with less drag.


The purge of your shisha pipe can be another key factor that you should consider when purchasing one. It is important how easy it will be for you to clear out your base and cool down your bowl so that you can keep enjoying hookah without any hassle. It's important not only for convenience but also because sometimes this process might take up too much time - if clearing the smoke from inside takes more than one try, then it just means your pipes' purge is not working correctly, which would really put a damper on your experience.

How to store and transport your Hookah

Hookah is always a fun activity to enjoy with friends, but where do we put them when they're not in use? Modern hookahs have made storage and portability simple. If you want to bring your shisha pipe on the go, most modern designs can be broken down into smaller pieces very quickly. It is also beneficial for the ease of cleaning your hookah. If your hookah could be broken apart, you'll have the luxury of storing it in a drawer or cabinet. This is not something everyone will want to do, but this functionality cannot be ignored.

Some hookah pipes like Conceptic Design Smart and Y.K.A.P. Mini STR hookah come with special travel cases that you can use to carry or store your hookah while you are on the go.

Hookah prices

Modern-day hookah prices are anywhere from $50-600+. There's a lot to consider in terms of design, functionality, and quality. After considering what you want out of your purchase: be willing to search outside your price range if necessary; there should be something that suits everyone with different needs in pricing ranges.

Where to buy hookah?

Hookah enthusiasts will tell you that the best way is to buy hookah online. Not only can online stores offer an extensive selection when it comes time for shopping, but many also provide free shipping and 24/7 customer support to help you choose the best hookah to buy.

Thank you for reading this blog post. Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions about our products because we want all of our customers satisfied with their purchases.