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Hookah Molasses Catcher

Hookah Molasses

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Disposable Hookah Mouth Tips

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ATH Hookah Heat Management Device

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Hookah Wind cover

Hookah Wind

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Conceptic Design Hookah Bag

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About hookah accessories

Quality hookah accessories are pivotal to enjoy a great hookah smoking session, as they can go a long way in vastly improving your shisha smoking experience. Our selection features accessories of all types, sizes, and colors, assuring that we have a choice for any smoker's needs or tastes.

To enjoy a hookah smoking session, you need some essentials. There is the hookah itself, a bowl to house the shisha and coals as well as the hose and mouthpiece to withdraw the smoke out of your hookah. Everything else is just a supplemental accessory, but these can go a long way in bolstering the entire experience.

Luckily, there is no shortage of intriguing options on the hookah market that boast of enhancing the quality of your smoking sessions. Our job is to help you choose those shisha accessories that will promote the best possible smoking experience while keeping financial constraints in mind.

The essential hookah parts and accessories

Wind covers

A wind cover is placed over the hookah bowl tray to keep the wind away from getting at the bowl and affecting the coals. As you might guess, this accessory is beneficial for outdoor hookah sessions. When the coals begin to die out, the wind cover will help preserve their heat for more extended periods of time.

Molasses catchers

Between the bowl and the hookah port resides the molasses catcher. If this item was not present, the glycerin and tobacco residue would fall into your base, dampening the smoking experience and making for a tough clean-up job. By keeping the juices from dripping into the stem ad base, the molasses catchers improve the overall experience of using a hookah. While many molasses catchers are often universal, some are suited for particular hookah brands only.

Mouth tips

Mouth tips come in both reusable and disposable forms. Disposable mouth tips are typically made of plastic and are meant to be tossed after a single use, while reusable tips are typically made from wood, polyacetal, or stainless steel. The reusable tips are meant for you to keep on hand if you wish for a more sanitary hookah smoking session. To be easily ported around, most of the reusable kind are attached to a lanyard, easily swinging from your neck.


Tongs are used to adjust the burning coals on top of the hookah head, as well as taking them off or putting them on when they are lit and red hot. Even a basic pair of tongs can perform the job as nicely as an expensive pair as they ultimately all serve the same purpose. However, with premium tongs like Japona Tongs, you will have significantly more reliable control when maneuvering the HMD or the charcoals. Designed with very thin prongs, the moving actions become very precise and simple. These tongs make it easy to access the HMD vents in case you need to lift it.

Hookah hoses

The smoke travels into the smoker's mouth from the pipe via the hose, making it an essential part of the hookah construct, as well as vital to any smoking experience. Often overlooked, updating the hookah hoses is an important part of maintaining great hookah usage efficiency.

Hoses are traditionally composed of a mix of metal and cardboard, two things that are not great in terms of dealing with water. This causes these hoses to quickly degrade and absorb past shisha flavors inside its inner walls. Modern silicone hoses, however, come as a highly recommended replacement because they are much more sanitary, being easier to clean. It can simply be done by running some hot water with some lemon juice through them to keep them in pristine shape.

Hose springs

A hose spring is used to keep the hose stationary and prevent it from getting bent.

Hose handles/mouthpieces

Being the part of the hose that the smoker puts in their mouth to consume the shisha flavors, the mouthpiece of a hookah is arguably its most essential part. These hose endings are typically made from plastic, metal, or wood.

HMD (Heat Management Device)

While not essential, heat management devices, typically known as HMDs are a fantastic upgrade to any hookah. This relatively recent hookah technology is a replacement for the role of coal housing foil is typically used for in a traditional model. Instead of being out in the open, the coals are placed inside a container that comes with a lid.

The Kaloud Lotus first introduced HMDs to the hookah world and changed hookah smoking practices forever. These devices help to more easily operate the burning coals and promote longer burning times, extending smoking sessions. In that alone, the addition of an HMD to your hookah is an immediate upgrade.

Coal carriers

If we were to single out the single most dangerous part of a hookah smoking session, it would be moving around and porting the lit, red-hot coals to the hookah. While a coal carrier is a very simple product, it houses the lit coals between the time that they are lit and the time they get placed on the hookah, mitigating the danger factor.

Coal burners

The device used to light the coals and heat them until they are red hot is referred to as the coal burner.


One reason to use a diffuser is to ease pipe pull. The pull feels lighter, cooler, and more effervescent because the diffuser breaks up the bubbles flowing from the down stem. The second function of a diffuser is to help in smoke filtration. The surface area of the bubbles increases as they are broken up. If the surface area of the stream increases, more particulates are exposed to the water, making the water a more efficient smoke filter. Finally, a diffuser may be used to silence the rumble of the hookah. The tiny bubbles split the water's surface tension in a more fragile manner, making a lower rumbling noise.


The tray is simply a place to put your coal tongs when they are not used. It can also be used to move the ashes from the coals.


To facilitate hookah smoke from the pipe, water is needed, and the base is the portion of the hookah that houses this water.


The attachment parts that create a tightly connected seal between the hookah's base, head, and hose are called grommets. The rubber bowl grommet is the rubber seal that connects the bowl to the stem with an airtight sealing, sitting on the top end of the stem. The base grommet seals the space between the stem and the base.


In order to easily port the hookah and any accessories including charcoal, tobacco, tongs, and the HMD. If you intend to buy a Conceptic Design Smart Hookah, consider purchasing one of their bags to ensure that your prized possession survives the voyage.

Prices of hookah accessories

The prices of hookah supplies fall on a wide price point spectrum, from $1 grommets to $80 personal mouth tips.

Satisfaction guaranteed

At thehookahlab.com, we have a great variety of essential hookah accessories for sale for a smoker's every need, regardless of whether you require a replacement hookah part or simply want to supplement your hookah with useful extras.

The idea behind these hookah pipe parts is to promote a more enjoyable smoking experience, worrying less about managing it and concerning yourself more with the joy and relation you receive from it. Our collection includes quality accessories, including anything from molasses catchers to personal mouth tips.

You will find our website very intuitive and easy to get around, so you can easily buy hookah parts you might be in the market for or even get ideas for ones you didn't know you needed.