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Conceptic Design Carbon HookahConceptic Design Carbon Hookah
Conceptic Design Carbon Hookah
From $199
Conceptic Design Steel HookahConceptic Design Steel Hookah
Conceptic Design Steel Hookah
From $195
Japona Hookah Shuriken Mini - Hookah SetJapona Hookah Shuriken Mini - Hookah Set
Japona Hookah Shuriken - Hookah SetJapona Hookah Shuriken - Hookah Set
Conceptic Design Smart Steel HookahConceptic Design Smart Steel Hookah
Fox Little  - Hookah SetFox Little  - Hookah Set
Fox Little - Hookah Set
From $124.99
Hoob Atom C HookahHoob Atom C Hookah
Japona Hookah Lotus - Hookah Set Red Black Japona Hookah Lotus - Hookah Set
Japona Hookah Lotus
From $309
Solomon Hookah Solomon Hookah
Solomon Hookah
Japona Hookah Amur - Hookah Set Yellow Transparent Japona Hookah Amur - Hookah Set
Japona Hookah Amur
From $294
Aladin MVP 360 Hookah Clear Silver Ring Aladin MVP 360 Hookah
Conceptic Design Smart Carbon Fiber Hookah Blue Conceptic Design Smart Carbon Fiber Hookah
Aladin 2 Go Mini Hookah Aladin 2 Go Mini Hookah
Aladin 2 Go Mini Hookah
Save $20
Honey Sigh Force Mini Hookah Honey Sigh Force Mini Hookah
Honey Sigh Force Mini Hookah
$125 $145
Save $20
Honey Sigh Urban S Mini Hookah Honey Sigh Urban S Mini Hookah
Honey Sigh Urban S Mini Hookah
$129 $149
Save $20
Honey Sigh Urban S Hookah Honey Sigh Urban S Hookah
Honey Sigh Urban S Hookah
$119 $139
Save $20
Honey Sigh Urban Mini Hookah Steel Honey Sigh Urban Mini Hookah
Honey Sigh Urban Mini Hookah
$89 $109
Save $21
Honey Sigh Mini Stick Hookah Blue Clear Honey Sigh Mini Stick Hookah Red Tinted
Honey Sigh Mini Stick Hookah
From $84 $105
Honey Sigh Urban Hookah Honey Sigh Urban Hookah
Honey Sigh Urban Hookah
Save $20
Honey Sigh Elegant Mini Hookah Blue Honey Sigh Elegant Mini Hookah
Honey Sigh Elegant Mini Hookah
$105 $125
Honey Sigh Stick Hookah Honey Sigh Stick Hookah
Honey Sigh Stick Hookah
Save $20
Honey Sigh Exclusive Mini Hookah Honey Sigh Exclusive Mini Hookah Dragon & Tiger
Honey Sigh Exclusive Mini Hookah
$179 $199
Save $20
Honey Sigh Urban SW Mini Hookah Green Clear Honey Sigh Urban SW Mini Hookah
Honey Sigh Urban SW Mini Hookah
$149 $169
Wookah Hookah

About hookah pipes

Hookahs are devices used for smoking shisha (flavored tobacco). The heated tobacco creates smoke, which is then transported through a glass base before being inhaled by the smoker. The hookah has changed tremendously over its lengthy existence, but at its heart, it still adheres to the initial concepts and construct of the conventional style. These days hookahs are more popular than ever, resulting in increased production, distribution, and usage around the world.

Finding the right shisha pipe


Hookahs have historically been available in three sizes: portable, desktop, and full-sized (small, medium, and large). The hookah's height isn't a concern when it comes to the smoking experience. A small, portable hookah can provide the same robust taste and large smoke clouds as a full-sized piece. As a result, when looking for hookahs for sale, the height selection should be based on other considerations.

A mini hookah, for example, is easily portable because it is lightweight and fits in luggage or backpacks. The medium-sized hookahs can comfortably sit on a small table, nightstand, or desk, allowing you to control the heat without having to stand up to do so. This unlike the full-sized, large hookahs that are significantly taller and heavier, meant for serving as floor centerpieces for a group smoking session.


Stainless steel is the ideal material for hookah manufacturing because it is both strong and simple to clean. What makes it especially practical is that, with proper care, a stainless steel hookah pipe serves your smoking needs for a very long time. When shopping for a hookah, it's important to bear in mind that its price is typically correlated proportionally to its quality and efficiency. You can feel a sense of reassurance when purchasing a stainless steel hookah in knowing that the product has stood the test of time.

Multiple other materials are used to make and decorate hookahs, including glass, polyacetal fiber, carbon fiber, and even wood. Our top priority is to sell high-quality hookahs, regardless of what material they are made from, which is why we always approach the hookah products we sell with long-term quality in mind, regardless of content, and it shows in our product offerings.

Style and Appearance

Traditional hookahs

Even though hookahs have taken on various forms over time, every hookah's baseline is the traditional pipe, and its operation retains an adherence to the same basic principle with a central shaft, a smoke cooling vase, and a drawing port always being part of the principle design. The smoke travels down the shaft from the top bowl into a water-filled container, where it cools before being pulled by the smoker into the draw.

However, like any other ever-evolving item, even traditional hookah models have altered to some degree over time. Most of the changes came in additional peripheral parts appended to the design. One such addition is the purge port, the inclusion of which paved the way for hookah modernization and spawned a new wave of hookah designs. In this sense, more modernized hookahs are essentially enhanced variants of the traditional base models.

Most hookahs are still crafted by hand throughout the entirety of their design process, following long-standing metalworking traditions. In the Middle Eastern region, especially in those countries where the history of the hookah runs deep, including Egypt, Syria, and Turkey, a presence of a hookah in one's home is a normal part of their cultural essence, in keeping with traditions going back centuries.

Modern hookah pipes

Modern hookahs have many of the same features as their conventional, handcrafted counterparts, including an enclosed space, hose and purge ports, and a male-style bowl port. Their architectural variance is what ultimately sets them apart. These are more eccentric than the conventional versions, aiming to apply changes that improve the hookah's performance and functional efficiency. One of the newer trends has been the inclusion of carbon fiber and magnets, at times, to maximize the products' unique nature and efficiency. Many of the more modern style hookahs seem to be largely originating in Russia.

One of the primary differences between modern hookahs and their traditional brethren is the matter of design, namely in that unlike the handcrafted traditional models, the modern ones are machine-made. The formulation process is specifically calibrated and attuned with specific guidelines that ensure an accurate consistency in the hookah's inner workings, still including recessed hose ports, standard bowl ports, and closed-in chambers. One of the primary distinctions is in the presence of a secondary purge, adding to the "invisible purge" that is a part of the industry standard.

All hookahs available at our hookah shop

Hookahs of different brands, designs, and sizes can be found at thehookahlab.com. We have large hookahs, as well as small hookahs from brands including Japona Hookah, Aladin, Adalya ATH, Honey Sigh, Conceptic Design, and Solomon.

Japona Hookah is the industry's leading Russian hookah brand, with pipes ranging all across the size spectrum.

Conceptic Design provides a number of state-of-the-art hookah pipes in a variety of colors and materials (including carbon fiber and stainless steel). The designs have their own minimalist uniqueness and are streamlined, despite the differences in structure.

Hookah prices

Hookahs will cost from anywhere between $100 to $400 depending on the model, with the price primarily influenced by a number of variables, including the pipe's architecture, the nature of the materials used in its construction, and its unique functionality. Since the intricate designs boost the hookah prices, buying only the stem of the hookah rather than the whole package that contains the bowl and the glass base is a way to save money on the purchase. The more basic hookahs will perform just as well from a functional perspective, without enduring the price point bump that comes with increased decorative efforts.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We are entirely dedicated to assisting you in purchasing the right smoking equipment for your needs, and we stand behind the quality standard of all of our items. Whether it's a shisha pipe or a hookah accessory you are in the market for, we promise that our goods are always designed to provide you with an ideal experience with a smooth sensation from a great draw. If we have a hookah for sale, you can be assured that your money will be well spent on the investment.

We offer 100% guaranteed satisfaction on all products in our selection, so you can browse our collection with full confidence that you will get exactly what you want and need. Of course, should you require or desire any assistance in selecting the right hookah for you, our knowledgeable team is available to assist you at any time.