Oblako Phunnel M Glaze Hookah Bowl

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Color: Blue/Grey
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Good bowl

Good bowl I like that it has that funnel shape so you don’t have to worry about the juice in tobacco dripping into your water. The only problem I have is it doesn’t stick firmly with my bowl holder. Could just be my particular hookah though.

Don’t buy

Don’t like it with heat management. not very good over all.

Best bowl

One of the best bowls I have bought! Will definitely purchase more like this.

Jendryk Duran Scheidig
Oblako 👍🏻😜

The best Bowl on this world

Oblako Phunnel M Glaze Hookah Bowl

Oblako hookah bowl is great.
-Many options for colors, for any hookah and interior.
- The bowl warms up evenly (warmed it with kalaud and 25th coals).
-With a single packing on the foil, I noticed that the central hole is lower than the sides, so there is no need to put something in order to prevent the foil from packing this hole, even taking into account the subsidence of the foil with coal.
-After 7-8 months, the bowl, due to the fact that it is covered with glaze, has not been soaked in syrup (it’s logical! Isn’t it?), Although it still absorbs the smell itself.
But her brothers/sisters S and L liked much less ...
So the cup M turned out to be a very worthy choice, I never once devoted myself to thought with a question in the spirit: why the hell did I take it ?!

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