Oblako Phunnel L Glaze Hookah Bowl

Color: Blue Cosmos
Sale price$20.99


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Diana Balan

it looks very beautiful and the quality is excellent. this is a cool hookah bowl!

Great bowl

Bowl works perfectly. Holds heat consistent with my lotus 1+

Stuart McLaughlin
Excellent Quality, New Standard!

I’ve used this bowl about 10 times, impressed with the draw when using any kind of pipe, handles heat amazingly well, even with darker tobaccos, has amazing consistency with heat distribution and plenty of space for about 25g+ of tobacco with an HMD. Thoroughly impressed, anyone who wants a good bowl for single smoking or with a group with an HMD on it, look no further! Fits my Kaloud perfectly and my Oduman Ignis works great as well, no issues!

Gabriel Sakamoto
Oblako Glaze

A good option for who wants a excellent intensity smoke session with HMD!

Jaime Crespo
Oblako phunnel bowl L

Great bowl. Loved the glazed and how it retains heat. Made my sesh last longer

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