Icon Hookah Heat Management Device

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Aspen Ginther
Bottom of HMD & Handle

Like the HMD just have 2 issues but for me there big ones.
To start with here are the likes.
1. It's roomie if I wanted to I could put 4 big coals in it. That being said I usually only use 2 big coals never more than 3
2. Locking lid/top prevents coals from damaging/lighting anything if it falls.
3. Allows coals to breath well while doing its job that to the holes on its top and the slit openings on the sides at the base.
Now here the problems 😒
1. At the bottom of the HMD it has 'steps' and the very bottom one in my opinion goes way too far down cause when I place it on bowl it goes to far and burns the shisha faster where it touches. This is my main problem with the HMD.
2. The handle for some reason you made the handle by running a screw through the plastic piece and screws it in to and nother pice that screws into the lid the problem here for me at least is I like to take the handle off so if I want to take the lid off it if there to much heat or what have you instead of the the complete handle screwing off the screws that runs through the plastic piece unscrew from the piece that screws into the lid and now I'm frustrated .
I do still use the HMD though it not a piece of crap but there is room for some improvements to be made to it for SURE

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