Adalya Cocodalya Coconut Hookah Coals - Cubes - 72 Pieces

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Cocodalya coal

These coal are great. No issues with them. They burn smoothly. 🔥

Aid Kurpejovic
Long run ,perfect coal!

This charcoal is just perfect.
Lasts long and burns fast,everything hookah lovers need.
Must use these!

Anastasia Kotenko
Great coals!

The quality is good, foments fast and long lasting. Highly recommend!

Aid Kurpejovic
The best!

Coco cubes are very easy to light and they are long lasting which makes smoking hookah very confident.
Cubes are perfectly shaped so they fit any hookah bowl,and no bad smells at all.
Love this !!

Chad Miller
Long burning, easy to light

Get your burner heated up, warm these bad boys for a few minutes on two opposing sides, and they'll burn long enough to cash out a full bowl.

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