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Adalya ATH Hookah Bowl - AngledAdalya ATH Hookah Bowl - Angled
Adalya ATH Hookah Bowl - Angled
From $18.99
Adalya ATH Hookah Bowl - StraightAdalya ATH Hookah Bowl - Straight
Adalya ATH Hookah Bowl - Straight
From $18.99
Oblako Phunnel M Glaze Hookah BowlOblako Phunnel M Glaze Hookah Bowl
Oblako Phunnel L Glaze Hookah BowlOblako Phunnel L Glaze Hookah Bowl
RF Mushroom Hookah Bowl Green RF Mushroom Hookah Bowl Black
RF Mushroom Hookah Bowl
Oblako Phunnel M Mono Hookah Bowl Blue Oblako Phunnel M Mono Hookah Bowl Beige
HookahJohn Ferris Hookah Bowl Blackberry Over White HookahJohn Ferris Hookah Bowl Nut Blue
HookahJohn Trimony Hookah Bowl Blue Stone HookahJohn Trimony Hookah Bowl
HookahJohn Retro Harmony Hookah Bowl Sunburst HookahJohn Retro Harmony Hookah Bowl Nut Blue
YKAP Phunnel Hookah Bowl Blue YKAP Phunnel Hookah Bowl
YKAP Phunnel Hookah Bowl
Adalya Phunnel S Hookah Bowl Yakut Alamut Adalya Phunnel S Hookah Bowl Ortoklaz Alamut
Oblako Phunnel L Mono Hookah Bowl Orange Oblako Phunnel L Mono Hookah Bowl Blue
Oblako Black Glaze Hookah Bowl Blue/Grey Oblako Black Glaze Hookah Bowl Brown
Adalya Alamut Phunnel Hookah Bowl Yakut Adalya Alamut Phunnel Hookah Bowl Safir
Fox Syrian Hookah BowlFox Syrian Hookah Bowl
Fox Syrian Hookah Bowl
From $17.99
Fox Turkish Hookah BowlFox Turkish Hookah Bowl
Fox Turkish Hookah Bowl
Fox Tail Hookah BowlFox Tail Hookah Bowl
Fox Tail Hookah Bowl
From $22.99
Fox Phunnel Hookah BowlFox Phunnel Hookah Bowl
Fox Phunnel Hookah Bowl
Vintage Glaze Harmony Hookah Bowl
Upgrade Form Phunnel Hookah Bowl
Oblako Phunnel S Basic Hookah Bowl
Oblako Phunnel M Basic Hookah Bowl
Don Totem Hookah Bowl
Don Totem Hookah Bowl
Upgrade Form Hookah Bowl
Upgrade Form Hookah Bowl

About hookah bowls

A bowl is the top piece of a hookah pipe. The hookah bowl, also known as a shisha head, is a ceramic or clay pot that houses the smoked flavored tobacco during a hookah session.

After placing the tobacco in the hookah bowl, it is covered by perforated aluminum foil or an HMD (heat management device), with lit coals being placed on top and producing heat that is transferred around the bowl, helping to evenly heat the shisha. The heat cooks the vegetable glycerin in the shisha, generating flavored smoke. How much heat is applied is vital to the smoking experience. Too much heat will burn the shisha, producing less smoke, while insufficient heat application will not release the maximum shisha flavoring, nor will it produce large clouds.

At The Hookah Lab, we know how critical it is to pick the most suitable hookah bowl on the market to produce the best shisha smoking experience, and are prepared to assist you in selecting the right bowl.

Finding the right hookah bowl


There are three typical bowl for hookah sizes: small hookah bowls, medium bowls, and large, each correlating to the longevity of the smoking session possible from that type of bowl. A small hookah bowl piece can typically hold 10 to 12 grams of shisha, while a medium-sized bowl fits about 15 to 20 grams. A large bowl meant more for smoking in the company of multiple people can hold as many as 25 grams. While larger bowls will lead to longer smoking sessions without the need to reload the bowl and can provide over an hour of smoking time, optimally heating the shisha becomes more challenging as the quantity increases.


The best hookah bowls are those that most optimally conduct heat needed to bake the shisha during smoking. The heat generated by the coals on top of the hookah head should ideally distribute evenly across all parts of the bowl. Therefore, the materials the hookah bowl is made up of should be able to properly conduct heat. For that reason, most bowls are clay or ceramic-based. 

Earthenware clay

Due to its porous nature, clay is the most popular hookah bowl material, as it can absorb and retain heat very well. This leads to the tobacco being heated evenly and promotes longer smoking sessions as the heat stays in the bowl for more time, including for several minutes after the coals have completely burned out. The porous makeup also allows the maximum flavor to seep into and remain in the bowl's walls. Their unglazed attributes make these ideal choices for smoking different flavored shishas. This means that smokers who smoke similar flavors from the same bowl will find that the greater the number of smoking sessions of a particular flavor from the bowl they engage in, the more prominent it becomes.

Stoneware clay

Stoneware clay, unlike the traditional kind, is not at all porous, making it very dense. Because it is molded at extremely high temperatures, it is tightly sealed and resistant to liquid and more durable than earthware clay. 

Because the stoneware clay bowl is a fantastic heat conductor, it is hot to the touch for some time after the smoking session has been completed. While they do not absorb any of the syrup due to lack of pores, and they are typically glazed, they often have a glistening aura to them, which makes them very appealing to the eyes.



The clay-based, round-bottom hookah bowls are commonly known for their regional origin as Turkish or Egyptian bowls. These are also regarded as the most versatile bowls, thanks to their ability to accommodate multiple packing methods. These bowls can also be identified by their unfinished, rugged appearance, as well as five large holes, the sizes of which vary from one hookah top to another, at the bottom.

Because a good amount of syrup is absorbed into the bowl's pores, the several initial smokes are generally not as flavorful, but they are exceptional in their heat conductivity and distribution, commonly regarded as the best in that sense. 

These bowls are best suited for dark-leaf tobacco smokes, which lead to strong sessions. They are great for fluff or normal packs. There are various bowls of this style available on the market, though the ones with the thickest walls on the hookah bowls are commonly recommended as they are best at conducting heat.

Phunnel bowls

While classic hookahs have multiple holes at the bottom, the phunnel bowls only have one large one (the funnel). This prevents the molasses from dripping into the hookah's stem, which, in turn, allows for longer retention of flavor. Phunnel bowl is the most rapidly popularized variant today, not the least of the reasons being it's guarding against shisha particles falling through the cracks. These shisha bowls work well for smoking any sort of shisha tobacco. 

Killer hookah bowls

These Turkish-style bowls are composed of thick walls, a flat bottom and are especially effective at even heat distribution. Thanks to their sturdy and thick makeup, these bowls are heavier, which benefits their heat management efficacy resulting in a strong smoking sensation thanks to optimal heating of the shisha. Since they are great at heating shisha, this hookah type is suitable for either a lighter blonde tobacco smoking experience or a strong one involving dark tobacco.

Our store offers hookah bowls of all sizes and shapes

At The Hookah Lab, we have a large selection of shisha bowls to choose from so you can have a satisfying and enjoyable smoking experience no matter your smoking preference. We recognize that each smoker wants a particular form of hookah, and we have a range of choices to satisfy everyone's needs, whether you are new to shisha smoking or are seeking replacement hookah bowls.

Our offerings

At TheHookahlab.com, you can buy hookah bowls for sale from a huge selection of brands, designs, and sizes. Our inventory offers brands such as Conceptic Design, Oblako, and Japona Hookah, in both large and small varieties. Each bowl will afford you a uniquely different smoking experience.

Japona Hookah Bowls are industry-leading brands made in Russia that feature a variety of state-of-the-art shaped terracotta clay bowls. Conceptic Design hookah bowls can suit your needs for a more modern hookah style with 3D printed hookah bowls emblazoned with intricate designs, formulated from the latest state-of-the-art hookah design technology. Fox bowls are made entirely by hand from thick clay and are renowned for their ability to maintain heat. These are also available for purchase at our shop and are recognized for their excellent consistency and dependability.

Prices of hookah bowls

The materials used in manufacturing, and particular functionalities all affect the price. The majority of our hookah bowls range from $10 to $30.

Satisfaction guaranteed

We stand behind our products and are devoted to assisting in seeking out the perfect hookah head for you. We guarantee that our goods are made from the highest quality materials to ensure that you get the perfect shisha bowl and are fully satisfied.

You can shop with confidence, knowing that you won't be disappointed with your order, but if you are, we will make it right. We are happy to share our expertise to help you make the best purchase possible.