Tangiers Peach Iced Tea

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Eizat Ikram
Slightly Peachy Tea

Got the birquq line. Slight peach taste with the tea flavor being more prominent. At least IMHO.

Yash Ashani
Not that good.

I feel like I am burning my throat. This flavor has nothing to do with minty flavor. It’s still says ICE TEA. I would not recommend this flavor.

Tangiers Noir Peach Iced Tea

The taste is excellent, slightly sweet with clear notes of peach and tea. The taste is clearly not artificial and is felt throughout the entire time of smoking. A more intense peach flavor was expected, but tea is the dominant flavor. This is certainly great, but we were hoping for a bit more peach. Of all the Tangiers' tastes that we managed to try, this is one of our favorites. They smoked about 2 hours and when the coals were almost extinct, the taste began to disappear. Let's see how quickly he gets tired of it. If you are looking for peach-flavored tobacco, then Peach Iced Tea is one of the best that you can find - we advise you to try this flavor

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