At, we appreciate all the hard work that goes into running a business, especially in the smoking industry. 

We're proud to tell you the story about Vapehalla, once Clemson's Number 1 vape shop. Vapehalla wasn't just a place to buy vape and hookah products and accessories; it was also a hub for socializing and relaxation. 

Valhalla shop was known for its incredible selection of smoking flavors. They had over 180 premium flavors and a wide range of devices to fit every budget and taste. Their custom e-juices were always a big hit with clients, and their pre-made flavors were second to none. Valhalla's brand selection was unrivaled, and customers always felt like they were getting great value for their money. 

They had a pool table, gaming consoles, and plenty of seating, as well as the staff, who were always happy to help. 

Unfortunately, Valhalla closed its doors, and Clemson's vape enthusiasts will miss their favorite spot. 

We at The Hookah Lab wanted to support the shop's customers and help keep the vape culture alive, so we created this page. Here at you'll find similar products that the Vapehalla used to carry, so you can still get your favorite flavors. 

Can't wait to start shopping? Check our collection of hookahs for sale if you want to find your next perfect pipe.