Chill N Vape Lounge was the go-to shop and lounge for vapers and hookah users in LA. This place was filled with a huge variety of premium flavors (over 400+). Not only did they have anything you might think of, like vapes, vape flavors, and hookah flavors, but it was an excellent, friendly environment with a pool table, photo booth, and other entertainments. This place was mentioned in major magazines such as Harpers Bazaar, while among the most noted visitors were Drake and Adel. This shop has built a massive customer base, and we were frustrated when we discovered that Chill N Vape no longer operates. Here at The Hookah Lab, we still want to serve those customers, and therefore we are happy to offer our online shopping experience.  

This merger will help our store to provide more information and products for smoking and vaping enthusiasts that are looking for new experience. We hope you are as excited as we do!

Can't wait to start shopping? Check our collection of hookahs for sale if you want to find your next perfect pipe.